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Wiesbaden, unreadable 19.159.
Dear MrJames, much thanks for your
nice letters at 4.2059- Don''t be angry that
I write so lae. Everyday, I am working.
Where are you off to Eastern?How much
days you will be have holydays?
If you like it, you can (unreadable) visit us!
We are very pleased of these. Christian
will be are playing unreadable in the church
on Eastern morning.How are you?
do you give answer please?
the best greetings, your
Anuniau & Christian Remesat
I love you understand me!


Sylvia LeDoux's picture
Sylvia LeDoux

Christian Remesat is my Uncle and Annaliesa Remesat is my Oma. I am glad to see these as I had a very limited time with her.