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In this photo:

My grandfather on my mother''s side was James Beard, son of David Beard and Catherine Richardson Beard. James (Jim) enlisted in military service during the Civil War. His father died in an accident before Jim returned. Jim married Aurelia Jane Ogdon in 1866 and they lived with his mother until she married Mr.Wright. She finished this quilt in 1873. My grandmother (Aurelia) gave the quilt to Analeta andn Earl Sparks for a wedding gift. We were married July 1923. The quilt is 101 Years old now (1974).
Grandma Wright lived in Jim and Aurelia''s home after the death of her (2nd) husband until her death in 1889.
I gave the quilt to Anabeth and her husband Vernon James in July of 1974.
P.S. Grandma Wright was a left-handed sewer. She also made a quilt for each of her three daughters.
Analita Lawhead Sparke

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